Letter from the Founder,

There are concepts in this world that appear inconceivable, unimaginable….experiences only understood when that experience is relegated to being the best teacher. However, as humans we have the capacity to grasp those multidimensional concepts of the most emotive sort, allowing for immense compassion and understanding. Just imagine, for one moment, if you were blind or visually impaired. Put yourself in the shoes of another. Feel with the other.   If you are sighted, or have a fitting use of all your extremities, arms, legs, these privileges bestowed upon you are just that, privileges. They are not universal; for some, not even the norm. So, envision a world of darkness and what it would be like; How would you begin your day? Where do you start?  Blind and visually impaired people need this understanding and benevolence from those who see not just the physical maladies, but the ones that affect the heart and mind.

From its’ inception, Ability Beyond Sight has been the manifestation of the desire to establish a comradery between all people; a universal platform of diversity existing peacefully amongst all.  This dream become reality, is envisioned as an inclusive platform to raise public awareness, change attitudes and behaviors towards individuals with disabilities, while nourishing the community through the healing power of touch. Employing and training licensed Massage Therapists, who are blind and leading them on their journey to personal and economic freedom is the mission…..in hopes that the journey will make passage and culminate into employment and entrepreneurialism.

Ability Beyond Sights’ foundation is based on four major beliefs deemed as the cornerstones of its success; Opportunity, Courage, Commitment, and Accountability.  These enduring values guide our actions, decisions and relationships as we work towards fulfilling our mission.

We all know a country’s strength lies in its people. I strongly believe that as the hidden talents of blind and visually impaired adults is unveiled, the community will even further realize their value. Misconceptions will be dispelled. Artificial barriers created by fragmented initiatives and organizational boundaries will be overcome. The work ethics of these individuals, shaped and molded by Ability Beyond Sights model of professionalism, will grant the undeniable proof that these Massage Therapists are capable, skillful, experienced, and qualified.

It is most critical that opportunities in the workforce for the blind population of our state is readily available. It is imperative that blind and visually impaired have access to equal opportunities to create a meaningful life for themselves. Any semblance of inequity or disparity would be a disservice to all. It is my hope that you will join us in this meaningful enterprise that will help New Jersey’s blind population participate and contribute to society.

In closing, I leave you with a quote from Helen Keller, “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.”  My parting question, who among us wants to aid in the overcoming of the underemployment of individuals who are blind and visually impaired.

I-AM Grateful,

Nancy L. De Siervo