I-AM Possible Pilot Program

My chair massage with Danielle was excellent. She was very attentive to my needs and gave an expert massage - Thank You Ability Beyond Sight!
— Victoria
It was obvious that all the Ability Sight massage therapists are artists, each with their own style and totally focused, and dedicated to their work. You can tell when people love what they do, when it’s not some rote thing, and it creates a beautiful environment for clients. Having or lacking sight is just irrelevant.
— Rachim Baskin, LMT,NY
I was lucky enough to receive a massage by Steven, when he was finished, I felt as if I were in between Heaven and pure ecstasy!
— Maria
Dear Nancy, I very much enjoyed meeting all the Ability Beyond Sight Massage Therapists and loved their enthusiasm and professionalism. I was treated to a massage which was most enjoyable. Odvar, my therapist, was fun, energetic and knew how to address my particular issues. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good massage. Thank you again for organizing such a fun and meaningful program
— Jasenka
I experienced my first massage ever with Silvana! It was invigorating. It was an extremely special experience for me to meet all the blind massage therapists. I never knew or had even seen a blind Massage Therapist before. Silvana was highly professional and continually communicated with me to make sure that I felt at ease and that the massaage was no too forceful. I recommend Silvana to anyone who will have the opportunity of meeting her. Hats off to Ability Beyond Sight for hosting such a spectacular Pilot Program and creatively demonstrating that individuals who are blind can provide massage therapy the same as their counterpart in the sighted world.
— Julia
Dear Nancy,
Awesome Program! This guy Otis is the real deal. Excellent chair massage. Thanks so much for allowing me to participate
— Tony
Thank you Nancy! this was a wonderful eye-opening experience. I met all the Ability Beyond Sight therapists and they are top notch. The chair massage that I received from Steven was super great! Kudos to Ability Beyond Sight!!! With much appreciation
— Ronnie
I’m a student at Robert Fiance Beauty School in West New York and I wanted to let Ability Beyond Sight know that I’m really happy I was part of such a great program. This experience totally changed my life in so many ways and made me realize what people with disabilities are capable of. Ability Beyond Sight’s blind massage therapists did an amazing job. Being part of this pilot program made me feel great about myself and I’d love to be part of future programs. Thank you Ability Beyond Sight for everything and thank you Nancy for doing this, together we’ll make a difference.
— Ariel
My experience with the Ability Beyond Sight Pilot Program with unsighted people was an unforgettable one. It was therefore an awakening experience where we can teach the world that it doesn’t matter if you have some type of disability. It was a new experience that I was invited to experience and upon which I would gladly participate again. This type of program helps us to grow professionally within our career field. I wish Ability Beyond Sight great success as you continue to grow and demonstrate to all that anyone can reach for and touch the stars and never feel defeated. Great success and blessings to Ability Beyond Sight!!
— Michael