What’s Next


The design, implementation and dissemination of a research-based project began over four years ago focused on empowering career advancement and teaching strategies for the blind which led to a very successful two year I-AM Possible Pilot Program. The outcomes also were the motivation behind the innovative Train-to-Hire Program, based on highly successful models in the Far East, integrating the blind into a field that not only stands to benefit from their highly-developed sense of touch, but also a growth area for employment.

Ability Beyond Sight will serve as a unique catalyst by facilitating a massage studio providing massage graduates with a two year paid apprenticeship providing in-depth on-the job experiences integrating supervised hands-on training to advance skills, learn new styles, different techniques and modalities as they incorporate and develop a blueprint of their own, promote increased self-esteem, and enhance professional development all derived from successfully serving the community, scaling barriers and promoting awareness of the abilities of the blind.

In addition, Ability Beyond Sight will disseminate a replicable Train-to-Hire model driven by workforce needs and provide a continuum of employment opportunities for the blind at community, state and national levels exclusively run and operated by massage therapists who just happen to be blind.

Ability Beyond Sight’s Train-to-Hire Program leverages a powerful vehicle providing the blind tangible resources and networking goals oriented toward self-sufficiency, self-fulfillment and serve as productive members of society.

2019 Goals

  • Partner with an Accredited Massage School

  • Sponsor 4-6 massage school scholarships annually

  • Enroll Graduates in the Ability Beyond Sight Train-to-Hire 2 year paid apprenticeship program


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